Getting to Know Your Characters– Exercises for Your Mind

Someone much more talented and wiser than I can ever hope to be (I think it was Paulo Coelho) once said that all writers must write from experience. After all, it is all we know (I crudely paraphrase, of course). As such, when working on a bit of fiction from a perspective that is anyContinue reading “Getting to Know Your Characters– Exercises for Your Mind”

Why You Need a Website NOW! (and how easy it is to get one)

I used to shudder when I heard the word—WEBSITE. Ugh. I knew I needed one. I knew they were expensive. And I knew that there was no way in hell that I would be able to build a decent site myself. People pay thousands of dollars for those things, after all, right? WRONG! I mean,Continue reading “Why You Need a Website NOW! (and how easy it is to get one)”

9 Ways to Break a Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block: we all get it. The question is how do you deal with it? Here are a few exercises to get your mind jogged in those times when you find yourself struggling to get the words on paper.   1)      FREE WRITE I know it may sound silly, but just getting your mind inContinue reading “9 Ways to Break a Writer’s Block”