Quality writing speaks for itself.

A dirt road on the bottom left that leads to Baboquivari Peak, top right, which is shrouded by a cloud.
The road to Baboquivari Peak.

I sometimes tell people that I specialize in English-to-English translation. As redundant as that might seem, it’s the truncated way of saying that I’ve got a knack for digging deep into complex stories and concepts and distilling them into delicious, digestible chunks.

Having published several hundred articles and pieces of copy in numerous forms of print and online, I know how to target an audience and connect with my readers.

When I sit down to craft a piece of copy– be it marketing copy, fiction, or anything else —  my aim is to ensure that every piece of writing that leaves my desk has a positive purpose. Whether that means providing someone with a few solitary moments of entertainment while devouring a short story, helping a consumer to find reliable information, or reporting on a given topic, my hope is that readers will walk away from my work satisfied that they gave their time to do so.

By focusing on the experience of the final product and providing clean copy that is consistently on-time and error-free, I am able to give my clients more time to spend running their businesses and enjoying their lives.

I’m a nature-lover, a journalist, a copywriter, a marketing specialist, an essayist, and a rock climber. I’m also a cheerleader for human rights, and a supporter of the Oxford comma.

Basically, I’m a writer with years of experience and I care a lot about what I do.

Now, let’s talk about what I can do for you.


Canyon tree frog laying low.