Spellbinding. Life in the Wild. Profile on nature photographer Jon Cornforth. Desert Leaf, Sept. 2018.

As Above, So Below. Profile on nature photographer Matty Smith. Desert Leaf, Sept. 2018.

Border Wall Will Stop Wildlife Migration and Little Else. The Trump Administration’s proposed border wall is little more than a barrier to animal migration. Zocalo, Feb. 2018.

Harvesting the Rain. Tucson, Arizona can meet its municipal water needs by collecting rainwater. Desert Leaf, June 2016.

The Mission at San Xavier del Bac. A look at one of the most incredible historic sites in Southern Arizona. Desert Leaf, Apr. 2016.

1920s Harlem in Virtual Reality A U of A professor has built Harlem in a virtual world several times over., June 2015.

Gluzman Sees a Ghost. World-class violinist has a surreal experience when handed a multi-million dollar instrument. AZ Jewish Post, Nov. 2014 / Stories of Music, Vol. 1.

The Magnificent Mule. Take a ride with this hyper-intelligent horse-donkey hybrid. Desert Leaf, Feb. 2015.

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Blogs, Listicles, and Marketing

How Do I Get My Law Firm Website to the Top of Google? Blog. LawLytics, August 2018.

The Hero’s Journey. Sales copy. Jenkins Group Publishing, 2016.

9 Unsolved Mysteries of the Wild West. Just what it sounds like., Oct. 2015.

2 Paying Gigs with Zero Clips. Guest post on a popular freelance writing blog., 2015.

19 Everyday Expressions that Came from Aesop. From “sour grapes” to “nip it in the bud,” and exactly 17 more!, Sept. 2014.

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