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I grew up in the American Southwest, so my writing is infused with characteristics of the hostile-yet-beautiful Sonoran Desert and spiced with unique turn-of-the-millennium insight into the modern American condition. I write about music, art, science, technology, business, policy, and culture with a contemplative and considerate methodology to ensure that the final product flows with an easy readability. Plus, I’m not afraid to get down in the pits — or dress up in a bee suit to wrangle an aggressive hive of killer bees — if I think there might be a story behind it.

I moved to Tucson (pop. ~1M) from Phoenix (pop. ~6M) for college and fell in love with the former’s apparent appreciation for artistic nuance, cultural diversity, and ecological sustainability, and so I stayed. I earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona in 2007 and now spend most of my time downtown, but also enjoy trekking and camping in the surrounding parks whenever I have the chance. My writing and photographs frequently appear in local publications like The Desert Leaf, the Tucson Weekly, and Zocalo Magazine, and have appearanced in national forums like Chicken Soup for the Soul, the multiple-award-winning interactive anthology Stories of Music, as well as TheAtlantic.comMovoto.com and MentalFloss.com. I also do PR work  and consult for businesses and non-profits, edit and/or (ghost) write for private clients, and compose fiction and poetry in my spare time.

If you think I might be able to contribute somehow to your life, work, or organization in any way, please get in touch to ask any questions you might have, or to talk about a potential professional collaboration. Or just drop me a line for the heck of it — regardless of your reason for reaching out, I’d love to hear from you. Unless, of course, you’re a troll of some kind. Then I’d rather you just kept to yourself. Constructive criticisms and critiques, however, are more than welcome.

Here’s what some of my clients and editors had to say:

“I consider it my good fortune to have professionally connected with Craig… He is attentive to details and deadlines, needs little direction and brings a positive, productive energy to the collaborative writing/editing process.”

– Karen Nystedt, Editor, Desert Leaf Magazine. Tucson, AZ.

“I would happily and confidently recommend Craig to anyone who is seeking an intelligent individual to research, write or develop content. Like me, I am sure you would be happy to provide a glowing recommendation for him at the end of your project.”

– Graeme Warring, COO 2XL Games, Inc. Phoenix, AZ.

“Craig is exceptionally creative and innovative when it comes to writing and marketing. I was always surprised and pleased with how Craig could take a topic and bring it to life with an entertaining flair. Craig would be a great asset to any company looking for new and fresh marketing ideas.”

– Myron Hicks, Vice President and Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Tucson, AZ.

“Craig is one of the most creative and honest individuals I worked with. He is prompt with his projects and very detailed. I have worked with others before him, but he has surpassed my expectations of any editor I had in the past.”

– Nayel Badareen, PhD. Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona.

“Craig was the driving force behind helping our Athletic Training Center become more known in our community… I would absolutely recommend Craig’s services to any individual or business.”

-Conor Johnson, Owner, Desert Speed School. Tucson , AZ.

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