Hi. Glad you found me…


I spend a lot of my time writing — a little bit of fiction, a littler bit of poetry and music, quite a few pieces of short journalism, other stuff — and, sometimes, that effort finds my work in front of actual readers. I still get a kick out of that. 

For people that also write and want their writing to find more readers, from time-to-time I’ll track down an industry professional who knows what they’re talking about, ask them a bunch of questions, and post the highlights on my blog. 

Not a whole lot more to say here. I do have an about page if you feel the urge to know more. Oh, and you can read samples of my work here. Thanks for visiting. Please, take a look around and drop me a line if you feel like it for any reason. I’ll actually answer, so long as you’re a real human being. Sorry; not accepting robot friends just yet.